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About Us

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Madhur Srivastava

The former author of www.technostellar.com is here to give you various insights on technology. A hardcore gamer and tech freak is here to give his valuable reviews on various devices and games along with various current affairs on tech specially on Gaming and Mobile Phones. Well, for his consistency he is also called the Mr. Dependable of TechSaiyan.

Amaan Ahmad

Founder of www.technostellar.com and former author of thefun.in is here with his experience to provide us technical know how’s in blogging.

Manish Tripathi

Former author of www.technostellar.com is someone who has learnt various insights of fitness from experiences throughout his fitness journey. From a kid of weight 85 kgs to a teenager with weight of 73kgs with 10.5% body fat, he has learnt a lot. Although there are always ways to go. Along with fitness, he is here to help you discover and rediscover yourself through Philosophy.