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About Us

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Madhur Srivastava


The former author of www.technostellar.com is here to give you various insights on technology. A hardcore gamer and tech freak is here to give his valuable reviews on various devices and games along with various current affairs on tech specially on Gaming and Mobile Phones.

Manish Tripathi

Former author of www.technostellar.com is someone who has learnt various insights of fitness from experiences throughout his fitness journey. From a kid of weight 85 kgs at 18% body fat to a teenager with weight of 73kgs with 11% body fat, he has learnt a lot. Although there are always ways to go. Along with fitness, he is here to help you discover and rediscover yourself through Philosophy and also give you various life-hacks to tackle difficult life situations along with some fashion statement in our Lifestyle section.

Anurag Singh


Anurag has joined our team recently. Although he is new in the blogging world but he surely has a lot of experience in the world of technology specially about gaming, coding and various other crazy stuffs. He is here to give our readers the techno-dose they need on regular basis.



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