How To Create Backup Plans For Life

The Backup Plan For Life

In our lives, we take lots of decisions. Some easy, some hard and some which may look easy but are actually the toughest. One of the toughest decisions we take in our lives is of our profession. We often think that after achieving certain something, our life is all sorted out and will go as planned. Atleast this is what we subconsciously assume. But with all that logic that you have been gifted, think about it. While choosing our career, we often make some backup plans for just in case things may go not as planned.

What are backup options?

Whenever we hear backup, most of the time by default what comes in our mind is something that is easy than our goal. For many of us it means a way on which we can rely if we fail to accomplish our primary lifetime goal.

Outcomes of Such Backup Options

When we choose such backup options that are easy than our primary lifetime goals, we increase our chances to fall on them. Yes, you read it right. By choosing or creating easy backup options, we subconsciously start making choices which leads to the easy  options rather than leading us to our lifetime goals. The brain always wants to follow the path of least resistance and doing something extra ordinary always causes stress to rise up for brain. So, that’s how our brain works. The way we think is the way our body reacts. A strong body can only be achieved with strong brain and will power. The higher the will power to do something, the higher the energy you will experience yourself. Although these I don’t know whether or not are scientific theories or not but I have observed it with various people and in various conditions.

When people have easy backup options, they start to feel secure and gets into that comfort zone where they don’t push hard enough to get where they dreamt of. This is primarily because they already knew that if they fall, they had their support ready for them. So, does it mean that we should not have backup options? Have I said anything like that? No. We should definitely have backup options. But how should we choose them?

How To Choose Backup Options



Before choosing backup options, we should choose our life goal which we want to accomplish. And while choosing life goal, we should be dead sure that it’s the only thing you want to do in your life. There is no compromise to it. But do you think that will be enough? No. There will be times when things won’t go as planned, that’s the beauty of life. For those days are your backup options. When things won’t work, you have to find a different way to make it work. And to find that way you have to try different ways because life don’t come with a manual. These ways that you will be trying or checking are your backup options.

Never change your goal, if things don’t work. Check there will be another way to make things work. You must be wondering then what would happen for those who change their goal? Well, chances are that those people would be living a life which they don’t want, complaining about their life and situations. They won’t be able to utilise their maximum inner potential. Such is the importance of a Backup Option in our life.   

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