Meaning of Boredom

 “I am bored”, generally we all use this phrase very often without knowing what are we saying about ourselves and our approach towards our life. What I have observed from life that boredom is a state of mind in which our mind is idle and even if we are performing a task, it is not a subject of  interest for us. Sometimes we are not interested in the work which we are doing and thus we complain that the work is boring. If we think of it, Boredom is a relative term. A work maybe boring for somebody but for someone else the same type of work is interesting.

We often mistake the term Boredom for Laziness because there are times when we are feeling lazy and don’t want to perform certain tasks and we make excuses that that work is very boring and so we don’t have to do it. Laziness is another term. Laziness basically means that you may or may not have tasks to do but you chose not to do them most probably because it may push you out of your comfort zone.

Negative Impacts of Boredom

If we are not interested in a task, we simply categorise that task as Boring. What really happens after that is we don’t pay attention on that task. By doing so we miss any opportunity to learn from it and thus that task is forever categorised as boring for us. By paying no attention on that task we are giving our brain a liberty either to think or be idle. If we have something to wander about, the brain will think about it while performing that task otherwise it will be idle and hence the term “Boredom” will come into play. Boredom hampers our growth as we are not in a state of learning or observing. We are just performing that task because we are being forced to or its necessity for us. But what if we perform the so called boring tasks with full concentration and dedication? We would learn and grow a lot. Right from situations to its appropriate reactions. What I am talking about is a zone where any task existing in this world doesn’t sound boring to you, what will happen then? Just think!!

How to Prevent Boredom

There are already a lot of articles for this topic but most of them give temporary solutions as they don’t work on the root cause of Boredom. Here are few things you can try to prevent going into that state of mind or in other words in Stagnation of mind. Boredom is just idleness of mind. So, don’t categorise tasks or things as boring. Perform tasks for learning and be open to learn from anybody and anything.
  Some other tricks that may work are that if you feel that a work is not interesting to you, try adding music, if possible. This may grab your attention and hence you can easily concentrate into that task. You can also try changing the working environment or you can try different stuffs (Of course morally good) to see what you may discover and have a learning experience. The main functions of these solutions are to keep your mind busy and help it to avoid the zone of idleness.

Thanks for Reading. Hope this helps you all in any possible way. If you want an article on any particular subject, you can comment in the comments sections. Keep Reading.

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