How to Reduce Weight or Fat Without Exercise By Carbs Manipulation

Carbs 101- The Basics

Carbs Intro

Well, we have all read and heard that a balance diet is key to lead a healthy life. But have we ever practised it with dedication? In most of the cases, the answer would be no. Well, if you want to lose weight or fat and that too without working out, you have to get serious with your nutrition. And what plays a major role in manipulating weight is your carbohydrates intake.  If your carbs intake is in control and if you are making healthy choices regarding carbs along with their timing, you will manipulate weight. Bingo!! You hit the Jackpot.

Types of Carbs

Based on G.I(Glycaemic Index) carbs are classified into two types-

·         Complex Carbs

·         Simple Carbs

Glycaemic Index is a scale on which various carbohydrate rich foods are measured on the scale from 1 to 100. The higher the G.I, the less time carbohydrate takes to get absorbed in your body. 100 is ideally taken as Glucose. Didn’t get what I am talking about? I will explain.

Simple Carbs

White Rice

These are the carbohydrate sources, which have high G.I. It means they take less time to get absorbed. What I mean by that? Well, it will get absorbed soon after you consume it. Hence, giving you quick outburst of energy. Now your body would be in a state of shock, it would rather like to store this energy for future use if you didn’t use it. To store this energy, your body will convert this into fat. Your body would deposit a layer of fat. So, that’s how you store fat. Sources- White rice, glucose.

Complex Carbs


They have low G.I, that means that they are absorbed slowly and release energy throughout the whole-time period. If your goal is weight or fat loss, then you should choose Complex carbs over simple carbs. But excess of anything is bad. This goes with carbs too. Consuming more carbs than you burn whether Simple or Complex will make you gain weight/fat. But does that mean skinny guys should consume Simple Carbs more? I won’t think of doing that if I were you. Sources-Oats, cereal, corn, peas.

For now, you should know that if you want to lose weight or reduce fat, then you have to eat less than what you burn. Technically, you have to be in caloric deficit.

How to Go About Weight Loss or Fat Reduction process without Working Out-

·         Choose Complex carbs over Simple Carbs.

·         You should not eat over 80% of your total capacity at any time of the day.

·         In the morning, you should eat around 80% of your total capacity. Keep decreasing the portions as your day progresses.

·         In dinner, you should eat around 50% of your total capacity. This is because at night, you don’t need much energy.

·         Portion out your eating schedule in 5 to 6 meals.

·         Don’t eat too heavy in a single meal. It will slow down your metabolism.

·         Don’t make too much time gap between every two meals. If you eat after a long span, you will be hungry and chances are you will over-eat.

·         Avoid artificial sugar. Remember, it is your worst enemy.

·         Eat from a variety of sources, so that your body don’t get used to it.

·         If time allows, include walk or run in your day schedules. This will keep your body metabolism high.

·         Avoid junk at all costs. And no sweet dishes are allowed too.

·         Drink lots and lots of water. That would prevent excess water retention.

·         Don’t eat just before sleeping. Have atleast one hour of gap.

·         Take complete sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

So, these were some tried and tested steps that will make you lose weight or will help in your fat reduction goal without any workout. Hope you liked today’s article. Do share it with your friends. Any questions? Shoot them in the comment section below. Want an article on a specific topic, mention it in comments. Thanks for reading.


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