The Misconceptions And Truth Of Cardio

Cardio: Good or Bad?

The age long question I have been getting, whether I should do cardio or not. So, let’s break it down into scientific reasoning and help you to decide whether to incorporate it in your fitness regime or not.

Why Cardio can be Bad?

If you are a fit guy or a guy who is very skinny, then my friend you should consider whether you should do cardio or not. And if yes, then for what time. It’s great for reducing weight, no doubt about it. But does it cause fat loss too? There are variants of answer because of the type of cardio you do. If you perform it at steady state or rather called Steady State Cardio, then you lose weight more than fat. Then cardio acts as a great tool for weight loss. But if you perform HIIT cardio sessions, then it would burn off fat more. I will discuss about HIIT cardio in detail in upcoming posts.

If you think doing more of cardio will burn fat, think again. Yes, doing cardio can burn fat but overdoing is only going to harm you. Running on treadmill for an hour will surely give you a body you won’t be comfortable with. And of course, it will be boring too. Atleast for me. If you overdo cardio, your body will enter into catabolic state and will start burning muscles. After your glycogen levels are depleted, your muscle will usually turn towards fats. But if you think it would keep burning fat, you are wrong.

Body burns fat only for short amount of time. The moment you start feeling fatigue, shortly after it will enter into catabolic state to get huge amount of energy. It’s you that know why you are performing exercise not your body. It would think that it’s an emergency and when it gets into catabolic state, it will start breaking muscles. So, never over exert yourself. Because over the matter of time, you will start looking weak as you would have low muscle mass which is not at all healthy. In case of cardio less is more.

And doing a lot of cardio will only reduce fat upto a certain too. After certain amount of time your body will get accustomed to the type of  exercise you are doing, so it will start burning less fat.


If you are a gymmer, you can do cardio after weight lifting sessions. No, it won’t burn muscles if you keep your Steady State Cardio session under 20 mins. And if you go through HIIT , then maximum for 10 mins. Your glycogen stores get depleted during weight training. So, when you go through cardio session, fat from various parts of your body get tapped. But remember for what amount of time I have recommended. Don’t overdo.
Now, if you are a guy who is into fitness but not a gymmer, I recommend doing cardio for not more than 30 minutes max.
In upcoming posts, I will discuss about what type of cardio and for what duration one should follow according to body types to maximise fat loss and minimise muscle loss.
Have queries? Shoot your questions in comment box. Hope this article clears atleast some of the doubts and misconceptions.

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