Budget Friendly Fashion Tips For College

College fashion in Budget

Hey guys , so I hope that my previous blog might have been a help to you, so back with another one ,and this blog I guess is the need of hour for every guys who is going to college or have just started college and want to put a good impression on the others. This blog is all about your college fashion one on one tips that will help you look trendy and cool. I will be telling you that how to do a budget shopping that will. This blog will basically help you to understand the do’s and don’t about your dressing in college. You don’t need to purchase costly stuff. It is very much possible to be in your budget and look like a dude. Most of guys in India do not pay any attention to their dressing in the age somewhere around 16 to 20. So at college there’s a great opportunity you to look like a guys who have a good dressing sense. Now I come to the point you need to take care of.

1• Shoes




As I said before the shoes you wear shows your personality. Physiologically speaking shoes are the most important thing in your outfit, first thing to be noticed by other person and that how people judge you.
Most of the people don’t know you in your college so if you want your outfit to say something about your personality the most important thing you need to focus upon is your shoes. Now guys we are taking about shoes , so how to choose the right trend . So guys, there are two tones in shoes, say a big no to sports shoes, football shoes , tennis shoes these are all meant for gym and any sport activity. Now the best choice to have a good pair of shoes is converse shoes you could opt for good brand like vans, fila, ucb they will hardly cost you 1200 to 1500 bucks. This will give a positive casual vibe as its should be being a college guy.

2. Loafers

These are in trend but you should not go for a very dress up loafers you should opt for a dress down loafers so that its would like appear like everyday wear not like looking somewhat like meant for parties and all.

3 . Chappals

Now guys you don’t need to wear chappal with thick soles just go for thin sole slipper from both top and bottom and with lil wide strap, will look absolutely trendy.


Now when it comes to pant I do suggest you to go for chinos but as through a budget point of view , I m a believer of jeans .chinos will last you hardly 1 or 1 and a half year but a good pair of jeans will last you many years may be your whole college tenure so , go for regular fit narrow ankle pair of jeans, you could also choose a distressed pattern jeans because they are in trend. A gud pair of black and blue jeans hardly cost you 1500 bucks will work effectively. When it comes to color choice don’t think guys you need to have a dark blue pair of jeans. Lets talk about distressed jeans ,yeah distressed jeans are in fashion but distressed to a limit not like exposing to much of your skin that will spoil your whole outfit.


Top wear here means tshirt shirt you wear . Many guys go to gym and want to showcase there physique the way they follow is by wearing tight T-shirt skinny type that will surely kind a destroy your look ,where as some guys are such that they wear loose T-shirt with long sleeves. Guys I have discussed this thing before also in my previous blog that if you want to look a little muscular you don’t need to wear tight T-shirt , neither baggy type for me more comfortable. You could take any T-shirt and shorten its sleeves a little bit and tighten it that will make you look trendy. Now the most important point, most of the guys are in habbit of wearing the same type of clothes daily , like a guys wearing round neck solid T-shirt daily without bringing and variation , this is not done. Its should be like this , that I love wearing solid round neck T-shirt so on Monday I wear a T-shirt of my choice then on next day I wore a good shirt and again the next day I wore another t shirt of my choice ,this shows variation and also proves that you could go with various trends well.


Now when it come to accessories you be a little more experimental in this. Firstly watches , so there’s nothing specific with the watches there’s a wide variety of watches you could opt for any but just keep in mind that it should look like meant for your age . Bags are also a major part of accessories don’t go with bulky bags just opt for a sleek kind of bag
So guys this was all about your college dressing in budget I will be giving out below some product link from where you could purchase them that will make you look trendy and fashionable.

This was suryansh will be soon back with another blog over n out……..



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