Difference in Fat Loss and Weight Loss

Difference in Fat Loss and Weight Loss

Difference in Fat Loss and Weight Loss

“I am going for weight loss ”, we often hear people saying these kind of stuffs. There is a common misconception that losing weight will make you lose excess fat. This is not completely true. In this article, everything would be cleared about Weight Loss and Fat Loss,

Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Weight Loss refers to the loss which includes loss of fat, muscle or just water weight. Fat loss just refers to the loss of just fat and no muscle loss.

Which one is beneficial?

Well, if you are a dude with 150 kg or 200kg then weight loss is good for you. Even if it caused due to loss of muscle or water weight loss. It relieves your joints of stress caused due to excess weight. But if you are someone who has excess of 10-15 kgs, then weight loss won’t give you that appearing transformation. You should go for fat loss. Why? During weight loss, people either eat way too less or have long gaps of eating. When they cut down their calories, their protein intake also goes down. This creates a chance of their body to go into catabolic state. In catabolic state, body starts burning muscle for energy. For a normal or slightly overweight guy, this can be highly unhealthy. Losing weight for skinny guy can result in skinny fat condition where muscle to mass ratio is less but fat percentage is more.

Why Fat Loss Preferable for Slightly Fat People

A typical Fat Loss Transformation

In fat loss, you have eat meals at regular intervals and in small portions. It contains moderate high or high protein intake which keeps your body in anabolic state. This prevents muscle loss and maintains your muscle mass. The fat covering your muscles will burn away during fat loss.
For people who want to look shredded or want to be more good looking and lean, fat loss is your option.
The transformation of people that you see these days on social media and other platforms are just a testament what fat loss can look like. Unlike weight loss, you won’t gain much even after you return to your normal diet after following a program.
Fat loss improves muscle definition and vascularity. It makes you look more attractive.

So, guys you get you answer, for which type of loss should you go.
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