Dressing Essentials- Why And How to Improve Your Dressing

Dressing Essentials

What’s up guys back with another blog. This time it’s all about dressing up well. I will be giving you five one on one tips and tricks that will help you look cool and attractive. Actually, these tips are all that I have learnt and so want to share these will you all. So first we should understand why dressing up well is so much needed today? How does it affect us as far as when we talk about our looks and what make us attractive? It is often said “don’t judge a book by its cover”, on the flip side if the cover is fantastic, the book is likely to not only get desired attention but also appreciation it may deserve. Quite evidently our appearance has a huge role to play in the impression we leave on the people and the way we are perceived in everyday life professionally and personally. So, if clothes make such an impact then why must something keeps you from nailing it. When you are dressed in well fitted comfortable clothes that are truly meant for you, you remain undistracted. This also means that it will keep you focused on getting important stuff done.

5 dressing essentials that will help to dress well.

1• shoes

You cannot talk about men fashion unless you talk about shoes, shoes complete your outfit, it’s what guys commonly miss upon they ok good I am wearing a good t shirt and a good jeans that all what I need but it is not so. They don’t even bother which shoes they are combining with what pair of jeans of t shirts. There is always a common choice either they go for a sport shoes of a bulky shoes. You cannot pair sports shoes with everything and go attend some party, either you cannot wear bulky shoes cause they don’t help you look manly. You should go for flat sole shoes, once a great man said “you can judge a person by his shoes” that very true I believe. Shoes completely change your outfit if I wear a pair of canvas or sneakers with pair of denim and t shirt it will give you a casual look and if I pair them with a pair of flat sole boots with little bit of sole its will give a manly look

2. Color combination

As a guy’s your number one fashion rule in life is to go with a learned color combination by which I mean the color combination that are tested and are used by many people. The most universal combination is a pair of black t shirt and a blue denim. You could purchase a black t shirt hardly 400 bucks and medium brand blue denim jeans which will cost you 1000 bucks to 1500 bucks but will last for 3-4 years, so I guess it’s a fair deal. You could also pair denim with white shirt that also an awesome combination. Ok now, these are some tested combination of course you can’t wear this at all time so how to learn color combination, I am telling you the way learnt. Just Google it example does blue polo and grey chinos suit well, yes of course they complement each other. So, the point here you could improve your dressing just by educating yourself. Google, it experiment it.

3. Pants

Just show other how stylish you are by just bringing a right choice to your pants. Now blue jeans and a black t-shirt gives you a darker look but if a wear a grey pant instead it lightens up all the things.
After you got a pair of jeans, the second most important thing you need is pair of chinos. Now chinos come in many colors but you should go for a black and a grey chino. You could purchase a medium brand chino like “marks and spencer, jack and jones” because at the end of the day it’s all about saving money. You could wear it’s at clubs, parties etc. this is just one of thousand use of this awesome product.

4. Watches

Watches also are very important in your whole dressing sense. They add up to be a more stylish you. Basically, of two types formal and casual or semi-formal. Now this is quite simple you could choose watch according to the occasion.

5. Confidence

Last but not the least, confidence is very important element in your dressing, most of people hesitate in trying some new outfit. Just the point is whatever you wear , wear with full confidence.
This was all about dressing up well……this is suryansh stay tuned for lot more stuff.


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