Everything You Need To Know About Caffeine


In today’s article, I will be talking about the various effects of caffeine. Caffeine is a substance which is generally present in coffee and various pre-workout drinks. So, is caffeine bad or good, I won’t just decide it as yet. I will help you all to figure it out for yourself that caffeine is healthy for you or not.

Coffee Consumption Reduces Fatigue

It’s 100 % true that on consuming coffee which has caffeine content in it, you feel more active. Ever though why? Our body releases a chemical named Adenosine when we perform our daily tasks like walking. There are receptors in our brain which receives Adenosine. After the receptor and Adenosine is combined, your body gets a signal that it is exhausted.

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug which directly affects the various functioning of your brain. It  has a structure similar to Adenosine. When you consume coffee, it’s molecules block the receptors by fitting itself into the receptors. Thus, your body don’t get signals about its exhaustion level.

In a way, it fools your body that you are not exhausted. That’s why you feel more energetic after consuming coffee.

Addiction and Harmful Extent Of Caffeine

What if I tell you that caffeine is as addictive as weed and even causes more damage than weed. You are still not believing me? Well, here is the proof.

It’s a graph which is Dependence VS Harmful Effects Of Various Substances. The X-axis represents the harmful effects while the Y axis represents the dependence level. It means that more the substance is placed above and to the right in the graph, the more addictive and harmful it is for the body.
A cup of coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine. It causes more damage as it is readily available.

Effects of Caffeine

Your brain doesn’t understand what is happening in your body because of caffeine. Its main problem is that your body isn’t receiving the signals of fatigue. To counter this effect, your brain starts creating more receptors. Now you will start feeling more fatigue then you felt before, so to counter this fatigue you need more caffeine to get the same effects.
That’s the reason why a person who started with a cup of coffee per day eventually ends up with 2-3 cups.

Various Other Effects Of Caffeine

• Adrenaline- It is a flight or fight hormone. It is a hormone that prepares your body to either face an emergency situation or run away. Suppose if a dog is chasing you, then adrenaline automatically spikes to give your body better coordination. When you consume , it creates temporary environment to spike your adrenaline.
A lot of pre-workouts have caffeine in them. But think about it that your personal best performance in gym is depending upon some external substance rather than your own self. Is it good or bad? It’s your call.

• Dopamine- It’s a hormone that controls your happiness levels. Whenever you do something that you like, it spikes giving you a happy feel. When you consume caffeine, it spikes your dopamine and so you get happy. But this happiness which you get as a kick is the permanent happiness? No. Don’t let something like a feel like happiness depend on an external substance. It’s not good for long term mental health.

• Fat Mobilisation- It helps in fat mobilisation. It means that it makes fat stored in your body to move throughout your body for the production of energy. In a way, it helps to burn fat. That’s why various fat burners have high content.

• Aging- When you consume caffeine, you fool your body that it is not exhausted. So, you don’t rest as required. This causes various strains on your body which causes aging.

Avoid Consuming Caffeine in Evening

It has a half time of 6 hours. It means that if you consume a cup that has 100mg at 10A.M, at 4P.M 50mg  would have been absorbed with remaining 50mg to get absorbed. And at 10P.M about 25mg would be there to get absorbed.
So, if a person consumes it in evening, just think about the quantity he would be having while he is going to sleep. That would adversely affect the quality of his sleep.

So, should you consume caffeine? I would highly recommend that once in a while it is okay but don’t make it a habit. Now, if you are someone who is trying to cut it, then you can choose a healthier alternative tea. Tea only contains 25mg in one cup. After that you can slowly completely cut it out.

Hope you liked today’s article. Have queries? Shoot them in comments section. Thanks for reading.

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