Fitness- A Journey

Fitness- A Journey

 Everyone knows what fitness is!  It may sound a universal truth but it’s not the complete truth about fitness. The term is often misinterpreted with “Body Building” or “Yoga”.  The term fitness can be defined as physical well being of an individual through various   exercises or physical activities. These activities include from weight lifting, yoga,  Running, jogging to even walking.

Importance Of Fitness

As you all know, being fit is really important in life. If someone is unhealthy, then its not really easy for them to concentrate on anything they do and this really affects  one’s life in adverse manner.
So what’s the problem in becoming fit?  Why does people fail to become fit?  What makes  them harm themselves more instead of becoming fit?
These questions are answered in the following lines.  Almost everyone knows this  quote,”Old habits die hard”. Yes, you read it right.  Habit of lying down whole day and doing nothing or habit of eating junk. Most common habit is Habit of making excuses like, ” I will start going to the gym from next Monday” or ” I will not eat junk from  tomorrow onwards”.  These habits can’t be changed in one day because it took days, months  and years to be formed.  So, it will take atleast a few days to change those habits. We human beings are impatient creatures, we don’t like to wait and people often try to bring a drastic change in themselves in one day. The result is that these people go back to their previous habits as forming new good habits strain their nerves making them feel deprived. The key here is not to take drastic measures in a short span of time, instead  take one step at a time.

Slow and steady wins the race

By becoming fit you will adorn the outfit that you will wear. Fitness is not something that you have to do once in a lifetime. Its about becoming better than you were yesterday. By becoming fit  you not  automatically corrects your posture but  you also take your self esteem to the next level. Confidence starts flowing in your aura.

How to Begin The Journey Of Fitness-

Before you think of starting any fitness related activity, first and foremost you need to understand this that to become fit you need more of mental strength than physical  strength.


You should know the purpose of the activity which you are doing. Usually people  “train” or exercise for various purposes but the most common one is becoming better  version of yourself with each passing day. The purpose keeps you going even when things  gets hard.


Goal setting is also important. People fail to set goals properly, for example if a  dude with 95 kgs sets a goal of achieving a body weight of 65 kgs. A lot of chances are  that the dude might give up in midway. Set an ultimate goal and set a near future goal short term goal.  For example- A guy with 90kgs of weight and 20% body fat sets an ultimate goal to weigh around 65kgs and have a six pack most probably at 10%. His near future goal is 18% body  fat and 87kgs of weight. When he achieves this short term near future goal, it motivates  him to set another near future goal. Ultimately working his way towards his Ultimate  Goal.



The key factor in the game of fitness is nutrition. Its 90% if we divide ratio in Nutrition to Exercise. Exercise is 10%. No matter how much hard you work,  if your  nutrition is not on point, low quality or no results would be seen. By nutrition I don’t     mean dieting. Diet only when required. There are a lot of options which tastes good and  are healthy. Your motive should be creating a lifestyle where healthy food options are  consumed on a daily basis. Start by decreasing the consumption of harmful food options  and increasing the consumption of healthy food items. We shall discuss this topic in detail in our next article.


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