Fitness Myths that Won’t Let You Lose Stubborn Fat

Fitness Myths

Are you one of them who are doing everything necessary for weight/fat loss, still you are not getting any results. There are various myths across the globe regarding fat loss and weight loss. Are you following any one of them? Rectify your mistakes then.
So let’s burst some common myths one by one.

Eat Less Fat to Lose Fat

Well, healthy fats are essential nutrients that you need to have in your diet. You have to have healthy fats for proper functioning of your brain and heart. FDA recommends 20% of total caloric intake should come from your fats daily. But here you have to remember that this fat should be unsaturated one. As for saturated fat, you should not consume more than 7% as it would increase your cholesterol. This 7% is also included in 20% caloric intake. Here is an example to make it more clear-
Suppose Daily Caloric Intake is 2000 calories.
Then Daily Fat Intake- 20% of 2000= 400.
1 gram of fats=9 calories.
Daily Fat intake- 400/9=45 grams.
Limit of Saturated Fat Intake-7% of 2000= 15 grams.


So, note here that the saturated fats also come within the Daily Fat Intake. What does it mean? It means that those 15 grams of saturated fat is also included in 45 grams of daily fat intake and is not separate from it. Some Saturated Fat Sources-Red Meat, High Fat Dairy, Butter. For more detail, you can read my article on Fats. Its link is provided at the end of this article.

Crash Dieting Will Make You Lose Weight

It’s probably one of the worst myths which let people to give up on themselves. They give up their vision of losing fat/weight.
When you are on a diet for losing weight/fat, you cut down your calories. Your body then just adjusts to this caloric intake cut and lower down your maintenance calories. So, you lose weight /fat. And when you come off the diet, you start eating normally. But this normal food becomes excessive for your body as your body has adjusted to eat less. And your body’s metabolic rate is slow. This results in conversion of that excess food into fats. And you gain your weight again as fat is deposited in your body.

If the Label Says 0% Fats, Then That Product Will Help You Lose Weight

These are all marketing strategies by various companies to sell their products. They will mention things like 0% trans-fat. Trans fat is something which is very harmful but does that mean that it is free from other harmful fats? NO. To compensate one thing, they would increase sugar or salt or preservative content. To know whether the product is good for you or not, you should know how to read ingredient list. This would solve most of the problems.

If You Are Working Out, You Can Get Away with Eating Anything and In Any Quantity

It’s the wrong type of approach for your fitness. Working out do create a window for you to eat anything and in any quantity but only for certain times. No matter how hard you work, if your diet is not on point you won’t get a healthy physique. You can get away eating anything in any quantity only when you generally eat clean and healthy and in limits.

Eating Only Salads Will Make You Lose Weight

Well, eating salads only will make you look weak over the time. For any type of transformation, you need to have a balanced diet which includes fat, proteins and carbohydrates along with various vitamins and minerals. When you consume salad, all you get is vitamins and carbohydrates. As there is lack of proteins in your diet your body would develop deficiency. This will result in lower muscle mass in your body which is highly unhealthy.

So, hope this information helps you all to become a better version of yourself. You can ask me if you want an article on any particular topic. Just mention it in comments.

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