The General Approach of Weight Lifting In Women’s Lifestyle

Weight Lifting In Women’s Lifestyle

What’s up everyone. Well, back with another blog. This one is for all our respected women. I am a Lifestyle Blogger and my aim is to educate about a fit, fashionable and healthy lifestyle so today I thought why not to address about the general fitness of the women. I know it’s not in its stereotypical category but still for many women, this whole fitness thing is some big deal. Fitness should be in your lifestyle and that’s why I included it here for a general approach to fitness. You don’t need to be an athlete to be fit. That’s why I am introducing you to weight training in this blog. I will tell about its benefits and all the general info. For detail information keep reading Manish Tripathi’s blogs. Want to look as fit and as in shape just like an actress? The easiest answer and less time consuming option is Weight Lifting.

For many of you think that General Women Fitness is some big game but in reality, it’s as simple as chatting with your friend. I wrote this article with tips given by Manish Tripathi who is your Fitness and Philosophical Blogger. When you educate men about something they enhance as individuals but when you educate women she enhances as individuals as well as teaches her children to follow the same so in return the children also get into good healthy habit.
So, this is my first blog about women fitness, I will be not going into deep of what is weight training and all such stuff, but will be covering the best of five points you surely need to follow to get a lean body. So firstly, every woman wants a lean shaped body with toned arms n thighs gap and flat tummy. The best way out is weight training, you need to understand that its doesn’t mean that lifting heavy weights, no not at all it just means to burn the fat and to built a thin muscle mass below the fat layer to that you body gain a perfect shape.
You need to understand that weight training has different effect on male and female. Most people think that weight training will make them like body builder or female body builder but its is not such, they are so because they inject themselves with lot of steroids and testosterones but you don’t need to do such thing. Take an example, if I suryansh have a twin sister with all the same genetics, if we workout for same time and follow a nearly same diet plan I would end into a muscular buff and my sister would somewhat like fit actor.

Gal Gadot’s Transformation For Wonder Woman

Now the benefits of weight training for women

1• Many people often suggest you that running, swimming etc. etc. exercise is good they help you reduce weight, indeed no doubt they are good, they burn your fat but till then only when you are performing that exercise, no after effects whereas weight training help you reduce weight simultaneously built lean muscle. It involves both active and passive fat burn, when you train you loosing fat, when you come back home then to your fat is burned, the damaged muscle continuously burns your fat up to 2 days continuously.
2• Women need weight training more than men do, the reason behind this man are physically stronger with more muscle mass and more muscle mass means better metabolism which translates to more calories intake than a woman that simply means if a male and female eats just the same amount of calories men will be able to utilize more of that. When a woman is going through early 20s to late 20s her metabolism kind of slows down, which simply means that all that food the was not making you fat will make fat now. So, to a remedy to this weight training is very helpful to maintain your body and enjoy whatever food you want to eat.
3• At the age of 30 both muscle mass and bone density decreases and due to this combination, they are more prone to injuries and their coordination is not as good as before so here weights training is again very helpful this will help you increase your strength and maintain it. When I go to a gym I usually see guys in the weight section and women in the cardio section, the mindset is that okay I want to burn weight cardio is my goo to whereas older women go to weight training because they have realized that their strength level is going down. So, if you are in your early 20s or 20s or later 20s this is the best time to need to start your weight training.
4• Food hacks, now this is a very important point, what you eat makes how you look so choose you food wisely. Sugar is the worst enemy that will resist you achieve your goals, I completely accept that ignoring sugar completely is an impossible task to achieve but minimizing it to an extent should be aim.
Keep out of all the processed product like lays, oily snack because they contain lot of bad fat.
5• I would like to conclude with that education, this point is very crucial in this blog, you have to constantly educate yourself in for the betterment of yourself. Performing exercise be it any exercise will not only make you strong physically, but also mentally and make you discipline which is very much needed in some part of life.

This was all some part about women fitness. Stay tuned, I will be back with another blog.

Happy Fitness!!


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