Goodbye Acne [ Steps To Reduce Acne]

Goodbye Acne

Hey there  , guys this is suryansh back with another blog ,this time it’s all about your face how to get a good face ,marks free, acne free and oil free face . As we all want a fair glowing face ,as your face only defines you personality , it says a lot about you in every aspect ,a good and bright face gives a kind of positive vibes towards which peoples are attracted .As a youngster we all deal with problem of acne ,its is actually natural process but it depends from person to person what kind of skin type they have but remedies are all common . At the end your main goal is to get a spot less skin. So basically in this blog I will talking about the changes you need to bring in your diet and routine and habits that will surely help you to decrease your acne . Now there is something called as bodybuilder acne that simply means that if you lift heavy weight you are prone to acne . So now lets start with firstly trying to understand what basically acne means .Lets understand the science behind this .Actually guys there is something called sebaceous which located just below our skin which secrete a oily secretion called sebum whose main purpose is to make your skin lubricated and healthy and also to eject out the dead skin cells. Now depending upon your lifestyle ,climate in which you are living and your genetics you will fall into either of categories dry skin , normal skin, and oily skin.

Dry skin type:- Lack of sebum as suggested by name
Normal skin :- which actually is normal
Oily skin:- which is more prone to acne

How exactly a pimple happen now when your skin releases oil through pores sometimes the pores get blocked and due to that oil and inner bacteria a pimple happen.
Now keep in mind if you lift heavy weight s you are more prone to acne .If you follow a fit lifestyle you are more prone to acne ,actually what happen is that when you do a workout you damage your muscle ,now body releases more testosterone that help in fast recovery of you body . More releases of testosterone releases more oil that what cause a pimple .It is releases extra sebum that cause pimple .

Now the second aspect ,when you go to a gym or follow any fit lifestyle you sweat a lot that along with sebum and bacteria causes pimple . You need to understand that acne is a temporary problem and it will surely go at some point of time in your life. You can see that if you lift heavy  load your are more prone to acne, this doesn’t mean that you should leave your active lifestyle ,hell no !!!

Now the thing you need to do to reduce your acne. Now this is a 2 plus 1 part process

  • Diet
  • Skin care
  • Medicine

Golden rules you need to follow to get a good skin


You need to properly hydrate your body that is you should drink a lot of water. Your skin quality depends on your water intake. Go with colour of urine most of the day it should be clear

2.Avoid smoking

You need to avoid smoking if you want a good skin . Smoking means not only cigarettes but be it any type of smoke hookah etc. , stay away

3.avoid sugar

Now this is also very important point, eating sugar causes inflammation and acne is a type of inflammation so just avoid that

Skin care routine

1. First point you should follow is go get a good mild facewash for yourself ,now the question arises that what to take what not to… so for this you need to try different product because what works for me doesn’t means that will work for you
2. Don’t consume oily food ,it just increases the oil releases from our skin
3. Increase fibre content in your diet, green veggies are very beneficial in relaxing your acne .
It contains a lot if minerals and vitamins that help in ending up your acne …..

this was all about how get rid of acne…….this was suryansh …..stay healthy stay fit
over and out


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