How to Be Confidence: Ways to Boost Confidence


Confidence can be closely related to being comfortable in your own skin no matter what you look like. I have mentioned looks because most of the people lose their confidence at this stuff. They feel inferior to someone just because they think they are not good looking. But does that mean they don’t have the potential to look good or feel confident?  I know what you are thinking!! No, Makeup or some foundation won’t be able to cover your insecurities for long. You can spot a man which lacks confidence easily just by looking at his posture. Although this topic can be covered in Lifestyle section but today I will be discussing the mental approach to be confident in any situation. Afterall, Confidence is a mind game.

Why are People Insecure?

People feel insecure when they are not able to achieve something which they think is awesome or cool. But in reality, it can be opposite. Many times, people surrounding us repeatedly points to the thing which they think is odd or which might really be odd or it might be uniqueness.
For example, if a man is fat, every time he meets his friend and is told about his fatness, his insecurity grows. He may feel some inferior complexion. Why does this inferior complexion builds?
Well, we human beings have a tendency to get approved by others and when we do not comply to their standards, we build some inferiority complexion.
This inferiority complexion doesn’t let your confidence to grow. These complexions can build upto a point that the person may also develop social anxiety.

How to Handle Insecurity and Boost Confidence

The most basic and toughest way is to get started. Work on things, I mean your personal things which you would like to change. This will gradually make you a doer. You will develop a habit of becoming a better version of yourself. When you work on yourself three things would happen- First there would be some progress, no matter how small but there will be atleast some. Second, your mind would be consumed in the actions, so there would be less time to feel insecured. Third, when you will be working on yourself you will be feeding your mind the satisfaction of your action which would shoot your confidence.
Now here if you try to become better just for somebody else, then you will be handling your key to confidence unknowingly to that somebody.

So, by that does I mean that you should stop taking suggestions and advices from others? No. Listen and think about these suggestions. After analysing these suggestions, if you don’t find something valuable discard them. But sometimes people might gift you a gem through their advices, so listen carefully.

What if you are in an intermediate process of fixing all your areas of insecurity and people are reminding you of your past failures? Don’t give a damn to them. So, people might make jokes on you or on your efforts because they may have never seen you so committed for that cause.

No matter what anybody does or points at, you know what you are. You know what are your efforts for becoming better version. You don’t need to be approved by anyone. Always keep the switch to yourself. That is key of being confident in any situation and this also serves as the solution for problems which can’t be practically solved.

So, hope you liked today’s article. Suggestions, questions and advises most welcomed.


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