How To Start A Conversation With Anybody And Anytime

How To Start A Conversation With Anybody And Anytime

How To Start A Conversation

Hey guys, what up, this is Suryansh back with another blog. Now, guys I have experienced lot of guys facing problem nowadays in how to start a conversation with any one. Now, this is why this blog this blog is here. I will be sharing with you my one on one that would probably help you out.
These are such problems that are faced by me too, so I can understand it better. I always say all the basic ideas and knowledge could be transformed in the shape of points so that you could understand it better. Basically, this blog is all about how to deal with people irrespective, u meeting that person first time or u are familiar with that person beforehand. So now moving to our points.

How to converse with absolutely anyone

1• Now the major thing that you have to understand that is understand towards what people are drawn too. People are attracted towards positivity. People who radiate positive vibes are more liked by other people. Human beings are hard wired and attracted towards positivity. You should try to make the person comfortable by trying to develop a kind of trust in him or her. So now the life hack how to develop trust in anyone. You always have short smile on your face when you are talking you someone. When you are going to some party you should always carry a smile, this will attract people towards you. You should not like those people with resting bitch type face, that actually makes a bad image of you.
2• Body language, now this is very important point here, basically could be divided into two points, firstly good body language and bad body language. The essence of bad body language is when you are folding your hands or keeping them in pockets, its gives a bad impression that the person is not much confident about his talks and confined towards himself. If a person think that you are having lack of confidence he will hardly trust you because confidence is directly proportional to trust. So lifehack for this use proper hand gestures you are conversing with someone. When you are explaining something to someone try using proper hand movement because this shows that you are confident about what you are saying that makes that listener trust you. When you talking to someone you can kind off expose your palm and deliver your point that will surely help you to express and give a confident expression.
3• So now you got your body language perfected, now how to further take the conversation, in order to do this , you need to have a grip on conversation , dominating the conversation which could be possibly done by giving a direction to your conversation, asking questions continuously or at irregular time . Now take an example if the other person is talking about football, though you not enjoying the conversation but if you ask him questions continuously, he will think that, yes that is interested in conversation and that is where trust is raised gradually. He will remember you, yes that guys enjoyed conversation he also has common interest and this help in gaining trust.
4• The last and the most important point to remember is that when you go for a conversation with someone you can’t go with the intention of judging anyone especially if they are strangers. You have to understand that everyone has their own stories and you can’t start judging them, it actually lowers down the comfortable level drastically and the person doesn’t trust you because he thinks you not the right guy with whom he or she could share conversation so guys if you are into a conversation go with zero judging intension.
This was my one on one hacks on how to start a conversation……. stay tuned will be back with another blog


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