What are the things you are insecured about? Ever thought about this? Do you fear to lose something? Think about those things and list them in your mind. Does this fear stop you from becoming absolutely fearless? Well, let’s bust these things out today.

Real Meaning

Ever thought what does insecurity actually means? Well you might be naming your fear as insecurity. Ever thought about that? Fear is the normal reaction in situations like when you are somewhat scared whereas insecurity is that feel that when you are confused and not sure what to do or how to do or can’t do anything about that stuff at that time. It’s the sense of being caught with your weakness or rather being vulnerable.


When to comes to types, insecurities are of various types. Majorly we will divide it into two parts- For Things and for Somebody.

Insecurity for Things

Majority of the world’s population is insecured about their possessions, property or money or each of these. They are insecure of losing their hard-earned wealth because they know that there can be situations in which they can lose it and there is no way they can control everything.

However, they are also afraid to even think about earning it again if anything happens. To remove this insecurity, the main work has to be done at the level of thoughts. People should accept and develop some confidence that they can earn everything again through their hard work. People know but don’t want to accept that they can’t control everything. This will develop an independency of much higher level. They won’t be scared by the thought of losing wealth. When someone get this drilled in their head that one fine day, all their hard earned money is to be left, they will get more clarity about everything.

For Somebody

• If we dive down in this, this can also be broadly divided into two parts- For Our self and For Somebody Else.

For Our Self

People are insecured about themselves and about various things related to them. They want to improve but most of them don’t know how to. Like if somebody is insecured about being fat, he either will not try to lose or don’t know how to lose or even started but gave up early. Here people haven’t diagnosed their insecurity properly. It’s not just body, it is brain too. Because they want everything to be a piece of cake which is not. Here they not only have to work on their body and diet but also have to condition their thinking process that anything is not easy and everything takes time. You have to stick there long enough and keep finding ways that work. People these days just want the result without even moving a finger. Although this thought tempts me! But it’s not gonna work. One who just do things for the results ends up giving up easily while one who enjoys the process, they are the one that decode the code of getting their insecurity cured.

For Somebody Else

A universal truth that people haven’t accepted is that they can’t control everything. This gives birth of many insecurities including this one. People attach themselves completely to someone they are affectionate about or love or are attracted to. This attachment is one of the worst things to have. This gives birth to expectations, not only from that person but also from situations. Like a mother wants always perfect things for her child. But does this happen every time? Absolutely no. Then this causes grief. Loving is the inseparable part of human nature but one should not get attached or expect. Love shouldn’t have the conditions. We should keep in mind that we don’t own anyone. For example if somebody wants to do something but their parents force him to do what they think is best for him, you may think it’s love but here is attachment involved a lot[ this applies for someone who can take their own life decisions not the one who just every time goes with the flow]. However, if they allow him, knowing what ever may be the consequences, it’s pure love.

“You will pluck the flower you like, but you will water the one you love.”

Hope this helps. Peace.


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