Marvel’s Spider-Man Release Date and Everything You Need to Know !!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Release Date and Everything You Need to Know


The all new Spider-Man game is now officially releasing on September 7, 2018. This is one of the highly anticipated games of the year. It is developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

This is an action adventure game which will enhance your gaming experience with the open world gameplay. It was being speculated that if the game is linked to the movie Spider-Man Homecoming released earlier this year. Well, the plot, theme and the characters of the game are distinct to that of the movie. It has a more matured Peter Parker with experienced combating skills. The game will also feature Mary Jane and Aunt May.

The interesting tease of Miles Morales in the trailer has hyped up the gamers. It is still a mystery if the player can play as Morales’ character or not. With his inclusion, the storyline will definitely get more interesting. Peter Parker will be of 23 years of age and more skilled in combat and stealth techniques.

The game offers Spidey to roam around the city of Manhattan and click photos and selfies even at the top of the skyscrapers with the built-in-photo mode. Also, Spidey can fast travel from one location to the other via subway. The web slinging and even environmental combat looks amazing paired with great stealth techniques.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will run at 4K with 30 frames-per-second. Many gamers have touted if they there will be an option to run the game at 1080p resolution and locked with 60 frames-per-second. But, Sony revealed about the 4K capabilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro and revealed that there will be no such option available.

Sony had dropped few trailers which have increased the amount of hype among the gamers. If you haven’t watched any of them, link is given below.


Story Trailer:


Gameplay Trailer:


Exclusive Coverage Footage:



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