MIUI 9 Update Expected To Roll Out Soon

MIUI 9 Update Expected To Roll Out Soon

Xiaomi has definitely created its great impact in the Indian smartphone market. The Mi family of smartphones is increasing. One of the best features of these Mi devices is their User Interface (UI). Xiaomi offers one of the best UI till date. Xiaomi’s MIUI boasts immense customization features. Xiaomi is currently working on its next major MIUI based Android skin for the Mi family of smartphones. The updates might roll out in July or most probably before 16th of August. It will run on the stock Android 7 Nougat.

Xiaomi owns MIUI and is based on Android, always. The UI performs great in terms of speed and stability with bugs. The user friendly nature of the Mi devices made them so popular. The fans eagerly wait for Xiaomi to make announcements and launch new products and devices. So, we can say that Xiaomi is now one of the most recognized smartphone brands in China and now, in India as well.

What’s so interesting about MIUI 9?

With the launch of MIUI 8, this year, the Mi fans have received some new exciting features. These include Second Space, MIUI Caller ID, integrated payment methods, scrollable screenshot, a gallery update and a calculator app. So the excitement among the fans definitely seems to be over the top. The fans are excited to witness the MIUI 9 and its new features. As MIUI 9 will be based on Android 7 Nougat it will have the following key features:


The new notification panel will allow you to reply to the notifications instantly. There is no need to open the app from which the notification has arrived. Thus, you can select quick reply to respond directly. Meanwhile, if you want to send a lengthy reply then you can always hit the notification and go to the app in the same way before.


The Dose feature of Marshmallow provided an innovative way of reducing the battery consumption. The screen on time definitely increased with the launch of this feature. Now, the feature has been improved so that it can also work if your phone is not in use and is taken away while kept in bag or your pocket. It saves the battery by shutting down all the normal programs which run in the background. Thus, it basically saves the battery by running only the essential elements.


Now you’ll be able to work on two programs at once on your smartphone. This new feature will be available as the new Multi-window feature. It will allow you to view two screens at once. The screen splits in half and two different apps work simultaneously.


There will be 72 new emoji designs that are being added. The total emojis will be brought up to 1,500 on Android. The designs have been more upgraded to look more human rather than a cartoon figure.


Nougat is bringing the DVR functionality to the Android TV. Also, the essential control keys such as Rewind and Play. Also, you can save sessions and schedule recordings.

So, all these features along with more features of Nougat will be included under the MIUI 9 skin. Till then, fingers crossed. Stay connected to us for more details.




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