Motion Stills App for Android Captures quick GIFs

Motion Stills App

Last year Google launched an app on iOS named the Motion Stills that stood up with the ability to capture short GIFs with the advanced stabilization technology. Now finally the app is out for Android users. You can grab the app from here.

The app comes with some fancy software tweaks. The app captures a three second looping clip in the default mode. With the advanced stabilization capabilities, the app produces final results that looks almost like your phone was held on a tripod.

Microsoft’s hyperlapse, a fast forward mode is also available. The app allows you to shoot videos maximum upto a minute in length. As said by Google, the Motion Stills app is being revamped with a new streaming pipeline that processes each video frame.

Coming to the usability, just swipe up to see the finished product. Also all videos you capture can be exported as a GIF or the original video. The Motion Stills app gives the settings to adjust the quality of the GIFs recorded.

The app is now live on Play Store for all Android devices running Android 5.1 or higher. You can download the app from here ( Play link) or APK Mirror.

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