Number 1 Reason Why People Fail In Life- Motivation About Life

Number 1 Reason Why People Fail In Life

Purpose- Biggest Motivation About Life

Most people fail to understand their purpose of life. They don’t know about ” Why” they are doing of “What” they are doing. Make sense? Most people just exist, they either regret about their past or worry about their future. Sure, making plans will help you in the future and it’s the best strategy to win the game called life ” Life” but worrying about what will happen if you didn’t get selected in an interview won’t help. People instead of learning from their mistakes, feel bad about when they messed up. Sure,  it’s a normal reaction to feel bad, but procrastination is just a wastage of time and energy.

It’s usually said ” The Bigger the purpose, the Bigger is the Energy within you”. It means that the Bigger Goal or the bigger the purpose in your life is, the more energy you can give out in the environment and your surroundings. Ever wondered how big business tycoons like Gary Vaynerchuk hustle? Big businessman work like beast. From Bill gates to Zeff Bezos. Think about how it’s possible.

Let me save you the time of thinking. It’s possible only because they have a great purpose and a greater vision. Now these words may seem overwhelming to you, but trust me it works like a charm. You will not know from why the blood suddenly starts gushing through your veins and how is your mind getting recharged and refreshed , but trust me once you know where you are and where you want to be, it will start happening. Sounds like a magic? Sure, it may sound like a magic but the thing that happens in this process is that slowly and steadily you become adaptive to learn and apply about what’s necessary to reach your goals or fulfill your purpose.

When you start seeing positive changes, your mindset and temperament will slowly evolve and you will start seeing yourself as a Doer and not just a mere Planner.


People overthink  stuffs which are not gonna happen anyway They are so scared thinking about the results that they drop the whole idea .

What You Should Take Away From This Blog

Before you start to do anything , whether its business, studies, preparations for competitive exams, make sure you figure out why it’s necessary for you to do it. When you think , breathe, live your dream, it will come true. Suppose you want to become a doctor, now you don’t think like just a student, you actually think that you are a doctor. You study and research like an actual doctor to clear your exams. You behave like an actual doctor with other people like you think  you will behave when you become an actual one. Slowly and steadily you will start evolving yourself according to the requirements of your goal. Now this aspiring doctor in the above example will slowly start working on the level of an actual doctor,  there he will start feeling that he is an actual one. What will happen is that he will eventually become an actual one since he developed all the skills required.

People think they need to become something, but they often forget that they just need to realize what they really are, A Masterpeice!

We hope that you get a little piece of Motivation About Life.


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