Read PREY 2017 Game Review

PREY 2017 Game Review

PREY, published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Arkane Studios is a first person, sci-fi shooter game. The game was released on 5th May, 2017 worldwide. It is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is all set in the space and makes you feel as a scientist and a survivor. There are already many reviews which have made their way to the internet already. Some have enjoyed its story or the atmosphere it is set in and some like it for its creativity and the experimentation it allows for. Also, it runs fine on the PS4 Pro unlike the recent games that run on the CryEngine.


Morgan Yu is recruited to join the research team on Talos One by his brother, Alex. This research was being done by TranStar’s research team. Meanwhile, Morgan gets knocked out by Typhon while he was going through a series of tests before leaving for the station. As soon as he gains his consciousness, he finds himself in their apartment which was merely a restorative environment.

It’s 2035 and they are already living on the Talos One since three years. It is then that Morgan is contacted by an operator artificial intelligence namely, January. The operator claims to have been built by Morgan himself. January then warns Morgan that Typhon has broken the security breach and has taken control over the station. He has already killed a majority of the crew on the station. Further, January also tells that they have been testing the neuromods since past three years. And, Morgan is frequently adding or removing them. Removing a neuromod has a side effect which is that the user loses all the memories that are gained after the installation of the neuromod, thus giving a hint to Morgan’s memory loss.

After that, January that it was built to destroy Talos One and help Morgan by taking Typhon and all of its research along with that. Meanwhile Alex communicates with Morgan pleading him to build a nullwave to destroy Typhon, though leaving the station intact.

Morgan makes his way to the station and works accordingly by staying in touch with Alex. After some events, out of nowhere, a gargantuan Typhon (Apex) appears and starts consuming Talos One. Now, Morgan is left with two choices, whether to activate the station’s self destruct or to start building a nullwave device so as to defeat the Typhon. Thus, if he chooses to build a nullwave device then they could easily burn the Typhon down with all its research leaving the station intact. And if he chooses to self destruct, the station would explode destroying Typhon as well. Morgan can also either find a way to get off the station or is captured or dies with the explosion.


The gameplay of this game seems so much familiar with that of the Deus EX and System Shock. PREY does picks up good amount of inspiration from different sources, which is great. The Talos One space station is remarkable in its true sense. It’s a research facility that creates Neuromods for their users. These neuromods are the gadgets which allow them to learn various skills such as coding, playing the violin, ice skating, etc. The key ingredient used for making that neuromod is a material that is collected from the Typhon. The absolute powers and abilities in the game do bring back the memories of the classic, Dishonoured, after all both are developed by Arkane Studios.

Apart from all of that, there are also a huge variety of weapons to get your hands on. From a wrench to a Q-Bream which can be used to destroy everything that appears in your vision. PREY, for most parts you have to stick with the silenced pistol and the shotgun. Recycler Charge, the alien weapon, helps you create a blackhole which in turn transforms the enemies into materials. These materials are later used for crafting health packs and ammo for more intensive fights.

PREY does have multiple endings. These endings fall into three major narrative anatomies which rely on the player as to how he chooses to end the story. The different endings part makes it much more interesting and a creative.


PREY does have a strong plotline which would keep the player’s interest in place throughout the game. The cool abilities and powers in the game are worth to get your hands on. Also, the top-notch design and the great graphics makes it visual treat for the players. PREY is thus, a game that’s smart and modest about almost every aspect of itself.


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