TCS operations are winding up in Lucknow

TCS operations are winding up in Lucknow

Tata Consultation Services (TCS) headquartered in Mumbai, India is a subsidiary of TATA group. Its operations are carried out in 46 countries. Also, TCS is an Indian multinational IT company which is also placed among the ‘Top 4’ most influential and valuable IT service companies all over the world. TCS is now preparing to wind up its operations in Lucknow, soon. Tej Paul Bhatia, vice president of TCS Lucknow, asked the project managers either to wind up all their agendas by December or to shift to Indore and Noida to continue work there.

According to further reports, the company will shift all of its projects to Noida by the end of December. Approximately, 2000 employees will be affected by this decision. Also, fifty percent of the staff comprises of women. In this case, finding a new job or shifting to a new place would not be that easy for them. Many of the employees have written a letter to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath and asked for an inquiry into this matter. And, about how a company earning Rs. 25000 crore in profits could be short of funds. Moreover, employees have also written to Ravi Shankar, Union Information and Technology Minister, PM Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, as a request to pay attention in this matter.

A recent report also came out as an official statement by TCS and it said, “TCS in Lucknow had less than 1000 employees. The workplace is not appropriate for client-oriented work. TCS is trying to stabilize its functions in UP and also the workforce in Lucknow will shift the functions to Noida and Varanasi. Thus, no employee will be fired.”
TCS has been successfully running its operations in Lucknow for past 33 years. In January 2017, the company declared a partnership with the global leader in innovative payment technology company, Aurus Inc. The partnership was formed to provide payment solutions for retailers using TCS OmniStore. The OmniStore is said to be of its first kind unified commerce platform store.

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