Tekken 7 Review: List Of All New Characters

Who doesn’t love playing fighting games and beating the shit out of the opponent. Well, TEKKEN franchise is one of those fighting games which has set a benchmark in today’s world to be one of the best fighting game available in the market till date. The story and the gameplay are the key ingredients of this game. The game Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, the seventh instalment of the franchise has been released for PC, Xbox One & PS 4 on 2nd June, 2017. It is developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and is based on the Unreal Engine 4.


TEKKEN 7 mainly focuses on 1 on 1 combats. This game features two new mechanisms are provided to the players. They are as following:

Rage Art, it enables the player to execute critical attacks that would incur the damage by 30% relying on the character once their health bar is vital.

Power Crush, allows the player while being hit by the opponent, to continue their attacks, though will definitely incur damage by opponent’s attacks. This mechanism also captivates high or mid attacks.

Each fighter has their own distinctive Rage Drives and Rage Arts. The game introduces the new display system and the multiplayer system enables to the player to select which side of the screen the player wants to play on.  The best thing about TEKKEN is that the movements are much fluid, as well as the combos, which is not lost in this instalment of the game too. Each character in this game has around 50 to 65 distinctive and eccentric moves. Though, the list of attacks to learn might feel a bit difficult for the casual players. TEKKEN is known for its depth, which sets it apart from the other games of the same genres. It has a decent practice mode which deals with videos that showcase the player as to how to perform certain moves and how it all works. But still for the newcomers, it could have covered more and clarified the major things.

Now, if we talk about the treasure battles, they are enormously enjoyable. It becomes all the more challenging for the player when a series of enemies gradually grow more stringent. With almost 38 playable characters, TEKKEN 7 has massive number of fighters and opponents to be studied. Interestingly, nearly about a quarter of them are new characters. It definitely lives upto the series’ affinity for toungue-in-cheek shenanigans and liberally gives the player the control over the series’ entire back catalog of cutscenes, from the very first TEKKEN’s low resolution videos all the way to the background movies.

The fight money which is earned by the player by playing the different modes, the player can buy both the cutscenes and different costumes for the characters. Also, the player can buy various variations of hairstyles or glasses and other accessories.


As the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G-Corporation rages on, the battle soon comes under the favour of G-Corporation as the leader of the Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama disappears suddenly in between the war. Taking the undue advantage of this opportunity and his absence from the war , Heihachi Mishima retrieves his control over the Zaibatsu, and maintains the role of the company antagonistically in the war against Kazuya Mishima, the leader of the G-Corporation. As soon as the war between the Zaibatsu and G-Corporation ends, so does the conflict between the Mishima family also ends.

New Fighters

  • Claudio Serafino
  • Katarina Alves
  • Josie Rizal
  • Lucky Chloe
  • Shaheen
  • Kazumi Mishima/ Devil Kazumi
  • Jack-7
  • Gigas
  • Akuma
  • Master Raven

Final Verdict

TEKKEN 7 is more beautiful, versatile and a thrilling TEKKEN ever with this seventh instalment. The storyline and the gameplay is so intense that make this game awesome. For the casual players, the newly released Injustice 2 is definitely a better package. But TEKKEN 7 is the game which will definitely love playing because the mechanics of the game makes it worth playing.


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