Tips and Tricks for Beating Cravings

Tips and Tricks for Beating Cravings

We all have cravings for our favourite food at some point of time in our life. But this addiction for food can destroy your gains in the gym.

And for those people who are not gymmer and think that cravings can be a stuff they can go with it. I bet you to think again!! Cravings can only harm one’s body and our fitness goals.

Why do we have Cravings?

There is a common saying,” Before trying to defeat enemy know it first”. And that’s true in this case.
As we all know; our predecessors were nomads who hunt for their feeding purposes. They didn’t use to farm on large scale. So, there was uncertainty when they would get their next meal. So, whenever they eat food that is high in calories or is sweet, their brain develops an affinity.

The affinity developed in the brain for the high caloric food makes them realize that these types of foods are high in energy and so they should eat more. The more they consume these foods, the more this affinity grew. Sweets are carbohydrates which are digested very fast and it produces a lot of energy.


In the 21st century, people are having a sedentary lifestyle. They don’t need so much energy because they won’t be able to burn it. But that affinity of our predecessors has modified and is that is there in all of us.

Ways to Beat Cravings

Keep this as a thumb of rule. Whenever you have cravings for junk foods or to eat sugar, go and consume protein. Why? Well, protein is not easy to break and it takes time to break it down. This will keep you full for more time. Also, protein helps you in muscle recovery, and it is nutritious than the junk you were eating earlier. There are various sources of protein from chicken breast to tofu. By chicken breast, I mean grilled chicken breast.

Increase your fibre intake and in the course of time you would see your cravings vanishing. Fibres have more volume and it would make you feel full for long time. Along with it, it helps your digestion. Some sources of fibres are green leafy vegetables, broccoli.


Apart from these tips, your psychological game has to be strong. These tips won’t be of much help if you don’t have control over your mind.  Habits won’t change in one day. The more you beat your Cravings, the more you will make it as a habit and there will come a point where you won’t crave anymore. Although you will still like to eat all that stuff but your mind won’t be able to slay you. Always remember that you are a bigger entity than your brain and you can control it any situation.

The game of beating the crap out of craving is mostly about making better choices. The more you practise of beating it, the more better you get at it. And you will notice the differences yourself. You will not just feel wonderful from outside but also from inside.

Hope that it helps. Do share this with your friends. Have any questions? Shoot them in the comment section.



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