Top #5 Mistakes New Gym Goers(Noobs) Make- Gym For Beginners

Top #5 Mistakes New Gym Goers(Noobs) Make-Gym For Beginners

  • Not Going Through Full Range Of Motion

The biggest mistake new gym goers make is not going through full range of motion. They see some advance people with good physique lifting heavy weights with half reps and they think that it may be the complete range of  motion of that exercise. This is one of the biggest mistake that make Gym For Beginners , a short lived dream.

When you don’t go through full range of motion, the muscle doesn’t go through full contraction and full relaxation which is the key for muscle stimulation. So, do your research about exercises range of motion.

  • Over training

People think that the more they workout, the more fast and better results they will acheive. Well this is true upto a certain extent. People often doesn’t take enough rest and start working out everyday resulting in insufficient recovery of their body. This doesn’t give them results and the body hits a plateau.

  • Not Focusing On Form Of Exercise

Form is the Key

New gym goers often start following people who have good body performing half reps with poor form. They don’t know what these people might have injected or have taken. Now poor form can be a really big issue because unless and until your form is correct, you run a high risk of injury not to mention improper muscle contraction and insufficient muscle growth.

New gym goers should leave their ego lifting outside the gym ,sorry but truth if often bitter. Noobs should focus on learning the correct form and perfecting it. On the way to perfection slowly and steadily increasing the weights while feeling great muscle contractions.

Noobs should first and foremost lean and perfect forms of basic compound movements like Weighted Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift , Military Press. Compound exercises are mass builders. These will help new gym goers make crazy gains.

  • Lifting Heavy Weights For Isolation Exercises

Noobs often fall for ego lifting and start lifting heavy weights for isolation exercises thinking that will increase their muscle size but on the contrary this approach do more harm as the form , muscle contraction and range of motion of the exercise is compromised. This can result in serious injuries.

Isolation exercises like Flat Dumbell Flys, Pec Dec Fly, Incline Dumbell Fly, Cable Fly are used for isolating the muscle. These exercises are not used for muscle development. So you don’t need to go heavy here. The form is the number one key which will helpin proper muscle contraction and relaxation. This in turn will help in proper muscle isolation.

Compound exercises like Weighted Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift, T-Bar Rows are used for muscle growth. You need to go heavy here.

  • Following Your Trainer Blindly

Noobs usually become fully dependant on the trainer and start to follow them blindly even if he is selling him some bro-science. If you do your own research you will know that everyone’s body is different and the same plan won’t work for everyone. Plus you know someone is trying to sell you bro-science the moment they tell it.

In the long run, no one will be able to sell you unnecessary supplements and because of the research you willbe able to design your own nutrition and training programs. Ever thought why celebs hire personal trainers? Now you know the reason to get personal customized workout and diet programs.

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