Ultimate Shoe Collection For Men

Ultimate Shoe Collection For Men

Hey guys, what up hope you finding my blogs useful.
So here I m with an another major aspect for your dressing that will surely help you to maintain a good wardobe collection. So , in this blog we will be talking about selection of shoes . Why this part is so important ,now to answer to this , human mind is such built ,that people notice your shoes very deeply , and the shoes are the first thing than defines much about a person so shoes are very important of your dressing. They give you a fun vibe , a formal vibe . Basically it sets up a tone for your look and most importantly it complete your look. So in today’s blog we will be talking about a basic shoes that a man must have. We will be covering casual shoes , daily wear shoes , sports shoes and formal shoes. Now like all other previous blog we keep a budget in mind so same in this blog . Now when its comes to shoes to need a invest a little bit in this , you can’t maintain your whole shoes collection in one go , you need to gradually increase your collection. Now ,yes you can go for a cheaper option but cheaper shoes wear out must faster and that the main demerit regarding this. Now there are some rules you need to follow while selecting a shoes .

1 . Don’t buy shoes that are under 1000 bucks because they will wear out faster than your imagination .

Learn a mathematical rule cheaper the shoes will wore out faster , expensive shoes will last you long . Now there are many outlet store that sell shoes at high price that wore out faster , now you need to understand that which brand gives you a nicer quality at reasonable rate , and this is why I m here because this comes through experience , so want to share my experience with you all.

Now we will be dividing the shoes into category

1. Firstly comes your casual shoes now this contain your sneakers and loafers.

Sneakers are the trendiest shoes of your wardrobe so you need to take a lot of care of them.
Now about sneakers , while buying a pair of sneakers don’t go for cheaper one which comes under 1000 to 1200 bucks they will just last long 6 7 wears , go for pair ranging from 1800 to 2500 bucks they will last long you atleast 1 and half year or more. Now some brands that I prefer personally are ucb , vans , Adidas , roadster ,celio . If you go on road that where casual shoes are meant to wear but if you wear it in muddy and rough terrain or in rain it will cause harm to your shoes. So I don’t recommend wearing it daily everywhere , if you can afford then its fine. Now second thing loafer socks , u must have noticed that when you wear shoes without socks that inner part of shoes becomes quite wet and soggy that also gives a foul smell so to avoid that you should wear loafers socks. Now we come to color code , as I told you before some of basic colour are black ,brown ,grey .
Now how to match colour here’s a trick , if you got a pair of blue denim just match it up with white tshirt or any other light color and according to the color of your T-shirt match the color of your shoes . You could also go like white tshirt white sneakers and blue denim , will make you look super cool.

2 . Category number 2

Your daily wear shoes, so as I said before if you in a favour of wearing your casual shoes daily that’s totally fine. Now if your casual shoes are not worth wearing to a party but still they look good you could make them a daily wear shoes. Daily wear in the sense going to market or bank. The four factors that a daily wear shoe must compromise are

1 versatility

Now you need to understand you cant wear your loafers or formal shoes in daily wear they will not be suitable there . Now as I told before there are three option you could choose for daily wear .First was your old casual shoes , second you could opt for boots , I m not taking about that high cow boy boots ,we are in India and we to dress up according to our country, so a pair of boots with little high ankle will go fantastic. Now third choice , here comes the power of flip flops , trust me guys, a good pair of flip-flops can do very much and it really look cool. 600 to 700 bucks is. A sufficient amount for a good pair of flip flops . Some of the recommended brands are Adidas ,koovs, roadster, Nike.

3. Third category comes to sports shoes

Now this can also be divided into outdoor shoes and indoor shoes . First talking about outdoor shoes ,while purchasing a pair of outdoor shoes go for dark shades colour like black brown or dark blue because while running outside or performing any kind of physical activity outside your shoes will face a lot of dust and mud that lead to formation of stain if the shoes contain a white patch so go for some dark colour. Now about indoor sports shoes , basically in this you could wear any type it really doesn’t matter your could go for any color , if you comfortable in sneakers go for it because gym is such place where people keep there fashion factor outside.

4. Fourth and the last category is your formal shoes

Now this is a very important category of shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe , a pair of black formal shoes . These are such shoes which you don’t wear daily , they are meant for office and for wearing under a formal outfit . I suggest you when you are buying a formal shoes the first color option in your mind should be black and at least invest 3000 bucks in this because if you take care of them, polish daily etc. they will last you around 6 to 7 years . Now the second color option can be Brown formal shoes , now if you are wearing a brown formal shoes , it gives a good impression. Girls notice them a lot , its says like yes this guys is confident about what he is wearing .

So guys this was all about how to make a wise selection while buying shoes
This was suryansh , will be soon back with another blog , till then
Over and out



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