Will Weight Training Stunt Your Height?

Will Weight Training Stunt Your Height?

 Does Weight Training Affects Height?

In this article, I want to clear this age old question along with various myths related to it.  I have heard various people saying,” Don’t do weight training, it will stop your height growth”. And sometimes I have heard this too,” Don’t lift weights, it will compress your spine.” And there are various other myths like these too.

So, there is a reason why these are called myths as they are not true at all. Why does these myths exist in first place? Well, if good height is considered suitable for becoming a fast bowler in cricket likewise in weight training, short height is considered better. But does that mean tall people can’t build aesthetic body? No, Arnold is an example. He is 6’1″. Often weight lifting is confused with Olympic Weight Lifting. That’s why these myths exists due to misunderstandings of people.

Our growth is decided by only two factors- Our Genetics and the type of lifestyle we follow.

How Our Height Grows

There are Epiphyseal Growth Plates present at the end of longer bones. These are plates of cartilages that are present at the end of bones like limb, thighs. These plates grow till your Max Height Potential which is determined by your genetics. After that it stops. Men grow till 21 and women till 18. After that our height stops. Weight training does not affect these growth plates or your height growth.

Does Weight Training Increase Growth

There are possibilities that weight training may increase your height potential and overall increasing your height. It can be so because weight training makes your body to release HGH( Human Growth Hormone) which repairs tissues. And thus causing a chance to increase your growth in teenage years. For teenagers, I can only recommend that don’t go overboard.  2 Days in a row followed by 1 Rest day is more than sufficient if you are a teenager.

The only way your growth can get affected is by injury. Learn correct form and keep your Nutrition and Rest on point. Sleep for at least 8-10 hours and have a great quality sleep. Remember and apply these things and you will grow to your full potential.

Hope you liked today’s article. Have any queries? feel free to ask in comments section. Please do share this with your friends, family and parents to clear out various myths. For diet and macros importance and basics of Nutritional Diet, there is a separate article I have written. The link is given below-

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